Precision top physics and entanglement with the ATLAS experiment


With more than a hundred million pairs of top quarks, the LHC is a top quark factory. Three recent ATLAS measurements that exemplify the unprecedented experimental precision and new, novel analysis methods to reduce uncertainties are presented. This seminar will discuss the ATLAS+CMS combination of top quark mass measurements using the Run 1 of the LHC, resulting in the most precise experimental result to date of this parameter, and that of the measurement of the production of top quark pairs in association with a Z boson, resulting in a precision measurement of the top-Z coupling. Finally, the first observation of quantum entanglement in quarks, as measured with top-quark pairs, and at high energies will be presented. Together, these results highlight the breadth of the top-quark research program at the LHC.

Oct 24, 2023
Baptiste Ravina
Baptiste Ravina
Alexander von Humboldt Fellow

I’m an experimental particle physicist looking for new physics at the ATLAS experiment with machine learning.